Swedish national test

Getting out of bed is really hard at the moment. I’m so… tired. And unmotivated. Meh.

Met up with Isac on Saturday. We had Asian food (way too much) and hung around in Stockholm.

We also had a barbecue at home and went swimming in the hot tub in the evening.


Talked to my parents on the phone about them picking me up and our vacation in Sweden. My German skills… yeah, let’s not talk about them, haha.

I joined Chase and the puppy they’re taking care of atm for a walk in the afternoon. That dog is adorable!! And so are we tbh.



After going to Märsta in the morning to hand in something, I went to buy some groceries and got on the bus. Met up with Chase and two of their friends. We had a picnic together and it was awesome.


I went to school today. For the very last time. After finding my Swedish teacher, I had half an hour to prepare myself for the oral part of my national test. In front of two teachers, I had to analyze two pictures that showed different ways of supporting a sports team and then had a discussion about my own topic and their topics. One hour later I was done. They told me about the result right away. I GOT AN A! I GOT AN A ON THE WHOLE 9TH GRADE SWEDISH NATIONAL TEST AFTER LIVING HERE FOR LESS THAN A YEAR!!! Needless to say that I’m proud.

Felt kinda emotional on the train home. Took a couple of naps in the afternoon.

Life is good.

Also, I’m going home in 6 days. Shit.


24GB. 10 months of documents, pictures and videos. I managed to save all of it on my own computer and then deleted the files on the one I got from school.


I overslept like crazy and got to school two hours late. Nobody cared. After not doing anything productive for a couple of hours, I had a talk with my Estetisk kommunikation teacher about the music video. He didn’t really give me a grade, but he made clear that he liked the way I’d been working during the last semester.

In the evening, the last meeting with explorius and all the other exchange studens in Stockholm took place. It was awkward. Like, really awkward. For more than one hour, nobody talked and everyone seemed to be a little bit down. After the “official part” was over, me and three other people went to Pizza Hut and the atmosphere became a lot happier.


We had “Klasskampen” at school. So every class did a couple of games/competitions and the one with most points won (not my class, haha).

I didn’t participate. Instead, I took a Swedish test. The day before, my mentor told me that if I’d pass a 9th grade Swedish National test, it’d be a lot easier for me to start studying in Sweden in case I decided to come back for University.

20 pages with text, 9 with questions and writing an essay of about 350 words. My teacher forgot about me, so I went out to find her. After 4.5 hours I was done.

I met up with Chase in Stockholm, got to know another friend of them and we hung around until I got on the train to Iris. We had a barbecue there and smashed a watermelon that we’d written a lot of “bad words” (like “leaving” or “homophobia”) on. It was great.


Last day of school. We had a little concert in the auditorium with all students and teachers in the audience and then fika in one of our classrooms. I was feeling pretty well until my mentor started talking about me not being here anymore next year. She handed me all the written reports from my teachers and I got a pretty amazing coffee cup and dish towel. My grades are good I’d say.

My classmates made a frame with a cute poem and pictures they’d taken with me during my exchange year. It was really adorable and made me happy-sad.

Soooo many hugs.

I handed in my computer and then tried to find my Swedish teacher. She told me that I’d gotten a B (a German 1-) for the written part of my National test. I was really proud of myself.


Went to Sanna’s and Alva’s school to watch their show there.

Chase came over to my place and we spent a couple of hours talking and chilling. Right after they’d left, Rebecka asked if she could come over since we won’t be able to meet before midsummer.

We went to a party at Egalia in the evening, but left again after 1 hour because the only good thing about it were free snacks.


Now they’re only ten days left until my parents pick me up. TEN DAYS. How did that happen?!?!

Spent the day sleeping and later biking with Alva.

Also, I just got an email from my Swedish teacher, saying that I have to come to school next week to do the spoken part of my National test. Ugh. Kinda annoying. On the other hand, I could get an A.

I’m exhausted. And mildly stressed, even though we don’t have school anymore. Guess it’s because I’m leaving soon.

Busy, busy, busy

I’ve been stressed and exhausted lately, that’s why I haven’t updated my blog in a while.

Last week was hell week.

I had a couple of deadlines and was supposed to have individual talks with my teachers. Good news! I got an A for my Photography project “Man vs. Nature”.

Egalia was open for the last time before the summer break on Thursday. I met up with a couple of people before going there and we had frozen yoghurt together.

No school on Friday since the third-graders hat their party at school. I stayed at home, went jogging and packed some of my stuff. It was kinda depressing tbh.

Saturday. Sweden’s national day. I went to the International Street Market (how fitting) with Rebecka. We had a kangaroo burger, Polish food, British Fudge and Crepe.

Sunday. Alva, my youngest sister, celebrated her birthday. I invited Chase over to our place, which lead to the kids asking a lot of questions about Alva’s “older siblings”.

In the evening I met up with Isac. We went to the Miranda Sings (a YouTube star) show together. It was amazing. We also went to McDonalds several times that night, haha.


Eurovision, Gröna Lund

It’s been more than a week since my last update, sorry.

I watched the final of the Eurovision Song Contest in a church with a couple of friends last Saturday. It was so much fun to see all the Swedes around me freak when the results came in. Zero points for Germant, though but I don’t really care. We spent the night not sleeping all that much and the next morning having breakfast, cleaning and listening to… German music, haha.

“The week of filming”

I met up with Rebecka on Sunday to film the sunset and to take a couple of pics for my Photography project.

IMG_8354 kopia IMG_8398 kopia

We filmed for four (!!!) hours on Monday. At school, on the train, down-town. I did all the editing. Deadline was on Wednesday. We presented our music video and I’m pretty sure our teachers and classmates liked it.

Didn’t go to school on Thursday and tried to work on two History assignments at home. Nope, didn’t really work. My teacher is trying to force me to hand them in (“Just pull yourself together” etc.), but I couldn’t care less.


Short school day because one of my teachers was sick.

A friend from Egalia invited me to go to Gröna Lund (the biggest amusement park in Sweden, I think??) with them and one of their classmates who is an exchange student from Germany. Måns Zelmerlöw (the guy who won Eurovision) had a concert there. It was loud. And good. I even dared to get on some of the free fall towers at Grönan.

When I got home, I was freezing cold and not able to talk anymore. So worth it!


It was raining like crazy and two friends from Egalia “forced” me to go down-town and do some shopping with them.


I tried to get some homework done and invited Chase, a friend from Egalia, over to my place.

Have a nice week!


Jenny and Alva were in Paris from Thursday to Monday. The biggest difference at my host family’s place was probably the food we ate. Carbs in the form of pizza and pasta (since Alva and Jenny are allergic to gluten), as well as kebab and movie nights. It was pretty relaxed.

Jule, the German exchange student living in Västerås, visited me on Saturday and we went shopping for a couple of hours.

Frozen yoghurt for me on Sunday. There’s this pretty awesome place in down-town Stockholm where you can pick between 8 kinds of frozen yoghurt, different sauces and toppings like fruit and candy.

The weather is kind of strange atm. Temperatures up to 18°C, as well as sunshine, rain and pretty strong wind.

The deadline for my Photography project is on Monday. Still some work to do, though… I borrowed a camera and will probably use the weekend. I took pictures on a graveyard on Thursday, have a look:

IMG_8306 kopia IMG_8317 kopia


I got an A for my English National test! Really happy and kind of proud of myself. It was a lot harder than any English exams I’ve taken in Germany so far.

EUROVISION SONG CONTEST!!! Everyone’s freaking and I have no clue what’s going on… Apparently the final is today?!

I’ll attend a workshop about LGBTQ topics today and then meet up with a friend from Egalia. We’ll go to a church and have a movie night there.

Enjoy the weekend!

National test 2.0

(Forgot to post this on Wednesday… )

Hi you all!

I just got out of the second part of my National test; reading and listening comprehension. The essay last Thursday went pretty well, I think.


My motivation disappeared. To be honest, the only things I’m willing to work on atm are photography and filming.

Still talking about Shakespeare in English class. We analyzed parts of “Romeo and Juliet” and tried to translate them to modern English.

I should really start doing research for my assignment about the Cold War.

Free time.




I met up with a friend on Saturday and we went shopping for sunglasses (and flower crowns and food) together. You might recognize their hair from last time I uploaded a pic of them. We are fabulous together.






Yesterday, me and a couple of friends went to Iris in the afternoon. We had mango smoothies and a table tennis match.

I’ll spend the long weekend doing some homework and meeting a couple of friends. My host mother Jenny, and my youngest host sister, Alva, are going to France to visit Alva’s cousin, so it’s only gonna be me, Sanna, Viktor and Alfons at home.

Have a good one!

Slightly frustrated.

Let’s start with the good things.

I had dinner at a German restaurant with Rebecka’s family last Saturday. It was awesome. At the same time, it made me feel a little bit homesick. We also baked Apfelstrudel that day.

On Sunday, the next meeting with the other exchange students took place. We went to the castle in down-town Stockholm and watched the changing of the guards there. Unfortunately, we weren’t really able to see anything due to the amount of other people. After having fika together, I went home again.


Got a really nice email from one of teachers that made me smile. She commented on my instruction thingy (the one called “How to make someone fall in love with you”).

Talked about Shakespeare and one of his Sonnets in English class. My teacher seems to have no clue about poetry whatsoever so… -.-

I borrowed a camera to take pictures in my host family’s garden for my project “Man vs Nature”.


Edited the pictures I’d taken the day before:

IMG_7173 kopia

IMG_7142 kopiaIMG_7141 kopia











IMG_7182 kopia

My host mother sent me a text message, saying that there was a package from Germany for me.

After school, me and a couple of friends went to Iris. We had fika and, together with a librarian, talked about LGBTQ-related books.

After I’d gotten home, I opened the package my biological parents had sent to me. It consisted of clothes, shoes and some German candy.


It was really cold in the morning and it has been raining all day. I have a cold and feel kinda exhausted.

I started working on my History assignment about the Cold War. We have to pick and analyze three pictures from different parts of the world (300 words per picture; not all that motivated to do it in Swedish).

We’re supposed to be done with our music video for Esthetics communication in three weeks, but the other two people in my group haven’t been showing up at school for a couple of days/weeks… so that leaves me here alone and slightly frustrated.

The essay part of the English National test will take place tomorrow. We’ll have 100 minutes, no dictionary, no computer. I wouldn’t say I’m nervous, I’m just not really looking forward to it.


There are only 35 days left until the beginning of Summer break… time is such a weird concept.

Valborg, Student och första maj.

Monday. I was extremely sore from training.

At school, I worked on an ad for headphones, using my own photography *cough* skills *cough* and photoshop.

We got a booklet with preparation material for the written part of National test during English class. Not looking forward to it all that much. I also got an email with feedback for my written book review. Got an A, hihi.

During Photography class I started to edit some of the pics I’d already taken for my last project “Man vs Nature”:

IMG_1065 kopia


Attended my Swedish class for the first time in forever and gave back the book I’d been reading. My teacher gave me some extra material to read (about Ötzi, the ice mummy and a couple of chapters from a novel) because she thought the tasks she was working on with the rest of the class were too easy for me.

The plan was to meet up with  Rebecka and go to Iris together after school. But because she was supposed to watch a play at the theatre with her class, we decided to just have dinner together with her classmates. Later, her teacher invited me to watch the play with them because they had tickets left. It was pretty hard for me to understand and follow the act, but I enjoyed it anyways.


Went home pretty early and spent a couple of hours at home before heading back to Märsta to watch the Spring show at my school. They performed a couple of new and old songs, dances and a drumming battle. It was fabulous.


Didn’t go to school because… I didn’t have to. I spent Valborg (Walpurgis Night) with Rebecka and her family. On the train down-town, I bumped into a couple of students, dressed in formal clothes, white hats and euphoria. Swedish High school students who passed their final exams tend to celebrate that way. (Pic from wikipedia, but pretty accurate.)800px-Studentexamen_2010Rebecka, her mum and I later went to see a bonfire. Traditionally, Walpurgis night marks the beginning of spring. It was pretty cold and rainy, though, so we went home again after only 30 minutes.

Friday. It’s the first of May and people therefore don’t have to work or go to school.

My host family plans on using this long weekend to have a barbecue and spend some time in the hot tub in their garden.

Have a nice time!

National test.

We actually got some filming done on Tuesday. After a couple of hours of carrying *all* of our equipment, acting and filming I got home and almost fell asleep due to exhaustion.

Sushi kopia


In the evening, I met up with Rebecka and a couple of friends and we went to Iris, the youth group on Lidingö. We then had a competition in making sushi (the team I was in lost).  In the end, we all shared our “results” and it was delicious.





Nothing really productive on Wednesday. We filmed at school.

Oh, we moved on to the Cold War in History class. So it’s less staring at me now, compared to when we were talking about WWII, Hitler, Auschwitz and so on.


I went running in the morning and then got on the train around 11. The spoken part of my National test started at 2 in the afternoon. In our group of three, we had 20 minutes to prepare. Each one got a different text to read that we later had to tell our partners about. The discussion, watched by two teachers, lasted for about 15 minutes. We talked about different situations that had to deal with the topic “respect” and analyzed some quotes together. It was pretty easy.

The reading, listening and writing parts will take place during the next two weeks.


I managed to hand in my written book review.

In the afternoon, me and 12 other people from my class met up. We went grocery shopping together, then made tacos and spent the night eating, talking, dancing and playing spin the bottle. It was the first time that I talked to so many people at the same time… in Swedish. Was kinda proud of myself.


I went running in the morning and later got on the train down-town to meet Rebecka. We blew some eggs, baked kladdkaka (a very sticky and dense Swedish chocolate cake) and watched movies with her family.


So far I’ve written this post and made some food for myself. I should probably work on some assignments.

You’ll hear from me!



It’s starting to get warm here. Everything is blossoming… I still don’t show any symptoms of hay fever, though.

School is pretty stressful at the moment. In almost every class, we’ve started working on “the last big project for this year”.

There’s still a lot of work left when it comes to our music video for Esthetics communication. Only two people of our group of three attend classes regularly and I seem to be the only one having a plan. We have a study day tomorrow, so hopefully we’ll manage to get some filming done in Stockholm.

My task for Photography class is to create a folder with 20 to 30 pictures on a topic I’ve chosen myself, using different techniques and styles we learnt about this school year. ‘Man vs Nature’ seemed like a nice idea to me, so it’ll hopefully be fun.

Mh… what else? We have to design packaging for a chosen product and come up with an ad that could be published in a newspaper (two different tasks for two different classes). Also, the English National Test is coming up. The spoken part (15 minutes, group discussion with two classmates) will take place this Thursday, listening, reading and writing in May.

Have I mentioned a place called Aggregat before?! It’s an arts centre for youth between 15 and 25. Me and Rebecka went there for the third time last Thursday and worked with clay. The atmosphere is extremely relaxed and there’s SO MUCH you can do for free (or very little money): play instruments, dance, rap, sing, paint, draw, print on shirts, sew costumes, make stop-motion movies, work with clay, …

On Saturday, I met up with a friend down-town. We spent 7 hours talking, eating, walking and trying on clothes just to put them back.

I had a camera with me and took a couple nice pics.

IMG_0936 kopiaIMG_0961 kopia    IMG_0913 kopia

I started running outside again, btw. My goal is to work out at least three times a week until I go back to Germany. So far, I’m sticking to this plan and it feels good.


Have a nice week!